Cage and Canary

Yuji Akatsuka solo exhibition
Cage and Canary – Elusive chirping entities


Renowned Tokyo artist and Musashino Art University professor Yuji Akatsuka presents a new dimension of his Cage and Canary series.

The vision underlying Mr. Akatsuka’s series is of the analogy between an artistic work and the medium (the sketchbook containing it) and a difficult-to-catch canary and a cage. Please enjoy Akatsuka’s world of art, with his deep and refined coloring and mysterious, magical images.

“A bird inside of me in a dream
a bird outside of me outside the dream…”
— Naoko Nishimoto

October 14 to November 5, 2017 13:00–19:00      Closed Mondays

Tir na nog Gallery
2-43-18 Akatsutsumi
Tokyo 156-0044